Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Family

Well, in my last post I wrote a little bit about my family, but in this post I'll go into greater detail.
So, from left to right, Felicity, Elizabeth, Kit, Me and Rebecca. Felicity was born to ride horses. She's amazing at it, too. Last year, she won first prize at the state junior horse back riding competition, and even went on to nationals. Don't tell Lissie I said this, but she didn't do very well at nationals. It's still impressive that she went on to that point, though. Elizabeth is a dancer, she does ballet, tap and 18th Century Style. She also does some riding with Felicity, but only in her free time. Kit is going to be a reporter when she grows up. She writes really well (Sometimes I have her edit my blog posts...), and is already writing some newspapers. I might publish a few here, if I like them a lot. Rebecca is a DRAMA QUEEN! But she's also a really wonderful actress. She auditioned for a movie last month, but we're still waiting to hear if she got in.
So, that's a little bit more about my family. 

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