Monday, January 2, 2012

My Entry

Hey you guys! In case you didn't know, Gabby at I Heart American Girl is doing a Girl of The Year Contest, where you can create a girl of the year for 2013! I've always wanted to do something like this, so here goes my entry:
Name: Jade Evans
Where She Lives: Moab, Utah
Hobby/Marketing Promotion: Music. She plays guitar and American Girl would promote the Music Education Department as a part of Shine On Now.
Books: Jade & Rock On, Jade
Meet Outfit: Orange, white and purple plaid dress with attached belt, jeggings and High Tops shoes. She comes with three orange and three purple beads in her hair.
Story:  Book 1: Jade: Jade Evans is born to rock! She loves to play the guitar, piano and sing. When her beloved music teacher Mrs. Mason comes back to school after having her baby, Jade couldn't be more excited, but soon that excitement dwindles to annoyance when she is put in the worst possible group for the music class's bands unit while her BFF Macie is in a group with her friends. Then, her annoyance turns to pure horror when she learns that because of budget cuts, the school district has to cut the music program from all elementary and middle schools in Moab. When Jade gets the idea to put on a music show to raise money for the the music department, she doesn't want any help, and insults her friends when she doesn't take their input and help. But, when Jade runs into trouble, she has to find a way to get her friends back and learns that sometimes accepting help is a good thing.

Book 2: Rock on, Jade: Proud to be the savior of the music program, and the girl who inspired her class to love music, Jade is finding that she's enjoying music more and more each day. So, when the new girl, Amanda, who Jade is not fond of, falls behind in music, AND makes mean remarks about music class, Mrs. Mason puts Jade in charge of helping her love music and pick her grades up. Jade can't believe it! While working together, Amanda is always rude to Jade and reluctant to do anything productive. Finally, Jade looses her temper and shouts at Amanda. Instantly feeling bad for being as mean to Amanda as Amanda is to her, but not knowing how to apologize to someone who is so awful to her, Jade keeps her feelings inside and continues being mean to Amanda. Jade's mother then tells Jade that Amanda has had a difficult past and that she's probably not proud of the way she treated Jade and her friends. Jade feels even worse. Soon, Jade realizes that music always helps her let feelings out and get her out of tough situations. Can Jade find a way that music can help her make friends with Amanda and apologize to her for treating her badly?


  1. Great job! I'd love her as a GOTY!


  2. Wow, That is so cool! Really interesting plot, I wish there really were books on Jade. :D