Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Bedroom! (At Least New to Me...)

So, I told you earlier that we were in the middle of a big renovating project, and now it's almost finished! Here's what went down: Rebecca has been complaining lately about having to share her room with me, so we decided to switch around. Initially, Rebecca was going to get a new bed, and I was going to share the bunk-bed with Kit. So really they were just switching rooms, but then Rebecca said she wanted to take her bed off the bunks (you can unscrew them), but what would Kit do? Then, Felicity and Elizabeth said they would share Elizabeth's room and Rebecca could take Felicity's and use her bunk off the bed. Which means.............. I GET A ROOM TO MYSELF!!!!!!!!! And, with Rebecca's bed gone, it could be a loft bed. Just like McKenna's! I was so happy! Here are some pics of it:
The overview of my new loft bed! Now I actually have the top bunk, and there is no bottom bunk!
 Here's under the bed. It's an excellent hang-out spot! We still need to add a bookshelf, bulletin board and a beanbag chair. Well, that last one's optional. But I really want one!
 My violin corner, now under the bed. I like how it doesn't take up as much space in my room as before.
 And now I have room for Licorice's play house. She loves it!
 Here's my dresser! I also keep my dolls up here.
 Last but not least, the top view of my bed. It's a little scary up there, but I'm getting used to it.

Well, that's my new and improved room! I really love it, and hopefully it'll just get better.

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