Monday, January 2, 2012

What I got for Christmas/New Years

I had a wonderful Christmas/Hanukkah/New Years (Rebecca celebrates Hanukkah, and the rest of us celebrate Christmas, so during the holiday season, we celebrate our own holidays, and then as a family celebrate New Years. We get individual presents on our own holiday, then do a family gift exchange on New Years. That way it's not so complicated). I'll start with my Christmas presents:
I got this AWESOME laptop from my mom. It's where I'm blogging from right now! I just LOVE the dragonfly decals, and the beautiful shade of blue it is. I love it so much!
I also got this ADORABLE outfit from my mom. It's way too cute! I love it! The shades of blue go together with the brown so well, and the diamond gem on the little belt/sash adds a unique touch.
Last but most definitely not least, I got Addy! She is so beautiful! I'd been eyeing her for a while before I got her, I thought her story sounded interesting, but wasn't sure if I wanted the doll, so I checked her books out from the library. As soon as I'd read them, I knew Addy was the doll for me. I asked for her and Cecile for Christmas, but I'm very glad I got Addy. She's absolutely stunning! 

Well, that completes my Christmas gifts. Now on to New Years, in no particular order:
 From Rebecca I got a little set of Russian dolls like the ones she got for Hanukkah. Sorry about the picture quality in these next few pictures, but Kit insisted on taking the photos with her new camera, which isn't the best...
 Speaking of Kit, she gave me a little notepad for writing stories and poems in, saying that I could be a great writer like she is (somehow I doubt that...) if I practiced writing a lot. Well, I might write in it a little, but I think it might be more for doodling than writing. Don't tell Kit!
 I LOVE these purses Felicity gave me. They're both very stylish and cool, and I can choose which one matches my outfit the best! I can't wait to go shopping now, and usually I hate shopping!
Finally, from Elizabeth I got this neat little radio/alarm clock, because I'm always late and she's says she's tired of having to wake me up in the mornings. Perfect!

It was a great Christmas/New Years/Hanukkah! But wait, there's one more thing....
Yesterday, our presents from my Grandma and aunt arrived...
 My present was very big and wrapped in pretty yellow paper. What could it be? Wait a minute.... could it be? Was it possible?
 I tore off the paper and my suspicions were confirmed. A tiny little face was staring up at me! EEEEEEEE!
 I couldn't believe it, two American Girl dolls in ONE holiday season?! I know I had asked for two, but I really hadn't expected to get them both! SOOOOOOOO EXCITING!
 Isn't Cecile BEAUTIFUL?! I love her so much!
 Look at her gorgeous curls! They might be kind of hard to care for, so I might need to let the doll queen Felicity help me keep them in good shape.
I got started on her book right away. Cecile and Emily were friends instantly. Sadly, Addy was visiting Elizabeth's dolls and couldn't meet her till later, but that was okay. They're really good friends now, and share a lot of stories about being AG's only African American dolls. Gotta go now, I want to finish reading Meet Cecile now! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

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